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Its time for Festivo !!!

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During the second week of March all loyal Sabbat gather together to perform the 'Festival of the Dead'. Nomadic packs also travel to the nearest domains to take patr in the nights fesivites. The purpose of the 'Festival' is quite simple and straight forward. Each Cainite is there to celebrate their immortality and revel in the fact that they are Vampires. The celebrations peak with an enormous Blood Feast and nightly Vaulderies taking place among and between the gathered packs.

Held at Econo Lodge Conference Center 100 Pond Lily Ave. , New Haven, CT
March 10th
Sign in will begin at 6:30pm
KONY's game info site
game will begin at7pm to 12:30pm
(Send in those sheets early to speed your way into game)
Goodie bags full of fun stuff given at sign-in.
Any Questions can be sent to, or If you do not have a Sabbat Character that is in play,You can start one at the event. Please Email new concepts and sheets to
Skeleton masquerade
scavenger Hunt
Sugar Skull Competition
The prizes are from such places as Chaosium, Cleopatra Records, metroporlis records, DC comics,White Wolf, Hot Topic ,Xbox360 ect..

Festivo !!!
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