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Event Annoucement from Gimli - One World By Night

About Event Annoucement from Gimli

Previous Entry Event Annoucement from Gimli Nov. 27th, 2006 @ 11:20 am Next Entry
Hey Folks, Fred By Night is hosting their annual February Event

 Damas y Caballeros de la Camarilla,

There are only so many ways to describe an event. Some may say that an event is a life time of work and preparation, while others may see it as a mere happenstance that occurs perhaps only once in one's life time. Some here have seen many life times, so I am certain they have seen several events take place.

But I digress with such a frivolous analysis and continue past the meat to the marrow.

We welcome you one and all to 'Decor Per Nox Noctis' (latin for 'beauty throughout night')

In the dead of winter, in the month of Febrero (February), the kindred of the north shall hold an event that shall put to shame any previous events held in the peaceful lands of Canada. An event that shall melt the ice that surrounds your hearts and warm the strings that pull it.

The kindred of the northern territories of the Camarilla wish to show good faith in it's members, thus there shall be several events taking place to entertain visitors from a far.

A Poker Tournament called "The Kings of Hearts" shall take place on Friday of the event. The proprietors of said event shall be Harpy Ligatio and Bochellio Giovanni, whom shall be acting as director. The buy in shall be 100 thousand dollars. Should one wish to contact either of these individuals they can do so at the folllowing addresses:

Harpy Ligatio: korymcjann@shaw.ca

Bochellio Giovanni: bochelliogiovanni@reddz.com

To save enquires pertaining to the system they shall use, I have added their system here: 

Mr. Giovanni would like to mention that volunteer dealers are still required, and they shall be paid a percentage of the proceeds for their  services. Also proper 'Poker Etiquette' shall be enforced.

Harpy of Gimli



Our beloved Prince Natasha Volkov shall be holding 'formal court' upon the Saturday evening, as well as a 'meet and greet' before most of the activities start on the Friday evening. Should individuals of our honored Sect wish to pre-arrange meetings with the Prince, she shall entertain their requests thru the Harpy of the Domain or thru their Primogen. In addition, Prince Volkov and Seneschal Ritcher wish that all present on the Saturday evening to please dress appropriately and in a formal manner to show respect. There shall be no excuse for ignorance.

An event would not be an event without Keeper Etienne once again entertaining us with his style and flare; his jocularity and passion. Always the cherub amoungst us, and with an all too quirky smile from this Harpy, he presents his First Annual "Lover's Quarrel" Ball just after Saturday's formal court. Come dressed as the 'Vampire' you admire the most or most despise and mingle amoungst the masses and partake in cupid's creative cabal of combined credited characters.

And lastly, but certainly not least, to enrich us all and to entice the masses and the dignitaries that shall travel north, the Clans shall be putting on a First Annual Torneo de Campeonato (Championship Tournament) known as "The Trials of the Heart" (or as I like to say, 'Los Ensayos del

Corazón') Thus far, the following Clans have stepped foward to present their


The Test of Swordsmanship (Hosted by the Learned Clan)

The Test of Wits (Hosted by the Clan of Kings)

The Test of Woo (Hosted by the Clan of the Rose.)

The Test of Wisdom (Hosted by Clan Tremere)

The Test of the Hunt (Hosted by Clan Gangrel)

Should there be any questions regarding 'The Trials of the Heart', I believe Seneschal Ritcher can be contacted at ravnosmonster@msn.com to entertain your inquiries . I believe the Primogen shall also entertain any of your inquiries privately. I shall provide contact information for the Primogen upon request.

Until then, I wish you all well and say that this is only the beginning...

Beunas Noches!


OOC Information

'My Bloody Valentine' presents "Cupid's Carnage".

When: February 16th and 17th 2007

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, The Place Louis Riel

Place: The 'Place Louis Riel', Downtown Winnipeg, 190 Smith Street, The Ball Rooms.

Storyteller contact: gimligods@yahoogroups.com

Games Web Page:

Crash space: Can be arranged if enough notice is given by our guests.

Hotel Reservations:

The Hotel is The Place Louis Riel website is

Book under FredByNight

$75 for a studio suite (max occ 2)

$85 for a 1 bedroom (max occ 6)

Rates based on double (2) occupancy. $10 for each additional person. Parking For hotel guest $7 per night per vehicle Parking for non-hotel guests $1 per 1/2 hour to a max $7 from 6 am to 6 pm. $4 from 6 pm to 6 am. There are Smoking and NonSmoking rooms available.

People flying: Winnipeg has a international airport, but please realize that as of January 1st 2007 you will need a passport, however if you decide to fly into Minneapolis - St. Paul, there are people arranging to come up from there. If you fly into Fargo North Dakota we have people coming up from there but also we have volunteers to come pick you up. Please let us know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made. If you are driving up, you will only be required to have your driver's license and birth certificate, I do believe.

The Trials of the Heart include the following tests:

The Test of Swordsmanship (Hosted by the Brujah)

The Test of Wits ( Hosted by The Ventrue)

The Test of Woo (Hosted by the The Toreador)

The Test of Wisdom (Hosted by The Tremere)

The Test of the Hunt (Hosted by The Gangrel)

There maybe more events as the clans ICly get together.

The rules of each event will be announced by each clan.

There will be actual 'physical' take home prizes for this event for the IC winners.

The First night of the Event will have the Test of Swordsmanship. The second night will be a 'Themed Night' and will be the Mental and Social aspects of the Tournament (wits, woo, wisdom).

February 17th, 2007 is the formal night of Court

Cost: $10.00 for a Pre-Registration until January 1st 2007, for those that are traveling up from the States, you can pre-reg with emails to the STs.

After January 1st 2007, the Cost will be $15.00, unless you rent a Room at the Hotel, and with that you need to bring your room key to the STs at check in and you will only be charged $10.00.

Please Send all character sheets to the storytellers for the event. Any questions regarding the event please feel free to contact myself at ravnosmonster@msn.com or eldestassamite@owbn.org and or the Storytellers Andrew Sanger who is the HST of Fred By Night and his AST Ryan Reuther at the ST address provided above.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see a lot of you there.

~Terra Doe

TPO Myrina Ritcher

Assamite Coordinator (Not Coording this Event)

http://www.placelouisriel.com/ 1-800-665-0569
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