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My name is Bill Smith (yeah, that's my real name)
and I'm Running for Head Coordiantor.
I'm enclosing a copy of my application for your
consideration, please let me know if you have any
questions or would be willing to lend me support.
My email is j8cobblack_owbn@yahoo.com
my AIM is j8cobblack
And my livelournal is j8cobblack
Bill Smith

Applicant Name: Bill Smith
Applicant Email: j8cobblack_owbn@yahoo.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: KoNY
Support From:
Kings of New York
Westchester by Night
Vitae Aeternus
Lords of New England
Carpe Noctum
Dying Embers
Chaos & Entropy

Not a lot of you will know me, since this is the first
time I’ve run for a coordinator position, but I’ve
been with OWbN for a little over six years. As far as
the Org is concerned, I started playing Apocalypse
Club (became New Haven by Night in OWbN) and East of
the River, formerly David Scott’s game. I’ve also
enjoyed playing in Hartford by Night/Court of Storms,
Pawn to King: Albany after Dark, Westchester by Night,
City of Springs , Kings of New York, Shadows on the
Mall, and Columbus in Darkness.

In addition to the OWBN experience, I have been
gaming, just in general, for over twenty years. I
started with D&D and other table top games in the
early 80’s, then Vampire larps at Club Mother and
Avalon in New York .

I’ve played a Camarilla Nosferatu, Jacob Black, for
the last six years, and I also have played a Sabbat
Tzimisce, Leopold, for the last three.

Personal statement

In the past, my schedule for work has kept me a little
too busy to get involved in the administrative side of
OWBN, but as a person, I have held supervisory and
administrative positions at nearly every job I’ve had,
with extensive training on communication and teamwork.
I believe strongly in both – a lot of small problems
can be eliminated with effective communication,
especially when people are willing to work as a team.

I’m running for HC because I now have the time to
commit to the position, and I would like to give back
to the system from which I have gotten years of
enjoyment. I’ve had a great experience with OWBN, but
we have had a lot of the same people in the same
positions for some years now, and I feel that perhaps
a fresh perspective on issues will help to further
strengthen OWbN and move things away from
interpersonal politics. When you have the same people
working in the same positions for a long time, it
allows them to establish working relationships, but it
can also cause stagnation. I think having some new
ideas would only help this organization, and I have a
lot of things I’d like to offer if elected.

First off, we need to strengthen Coord/ST cooperation
as well as find constructive ways to hold each
accountable for their own mistakes. Right now, I feel
that there is a lot of blame game going around, and I
am concerned that if these issues aren’t addressed we
will see increasing disunity within the system and an
eventual loss in our player and game base.

OWbN has a split in ideology going on – the games that
want plot and story to be controlled and run on a more
local level, and those that feel that they want a more
top-down approach, with more coordinator input and
control. I don’t think these two ideologies are
mutually exclusive, but I do think it’s going to take
a concerted effort and possibly some changes to the
bylaws before we have a system that works effectively
to serve the organization as a whole.

I would also like to work on setting up some resources
to help assist games that may have declining player
bases, a problem that periodically affects a lot of
the games in the Org. I think one way to approach this
is to support large scale player and ST generated
inter-game plot, since that’s one of the main things
that draws people to OWBN in the first place. Like
other connected universe settings, OWBN allows people
to travel and interact fairly, but we do so fairly
easily, without a whole lot of red tape. That’s a
strength of the organization and I’d like to support
and encourage that by helping chronicles who are
interested in connecting get set up so they can run
plot either in small groups or on a national scale,
with the help of the genre and clan coords.

A big part of the HC job is to help facilitate
communication and address issues that arise between
OWbN participants. While I don’t have an extensive
background dealing with the OWBN administration as it
stands, I actually think this gives me something of an
advantage – the advantage of a fresh perspective and
an unbiased position with which to approach the job.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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